About The Artist

Jess is a mindful & visual creator who specializes in exploring the infinite connections found in our lives. Building upon the foundation of her health science education, she developed science illustration skills to expand her scope from medical sciences to environmental conservation. Knowing there was much more to learn, she switched her focus inward, exploring the deeper parts of the psyche for spiritual growth, healing, and inspiration.

her art reflects the dreams, aspirations, and acknowledgments of the natural world. Adept in a variety of mediums, her main passions are filmmaking, mural painting, and printmaking. Fueled by love and adventure, she aspires to encourage others to connect with their natural surroundings, find love in their journeys, and open their hearts to embrace the beauty found in unity.

Before creating meaningful change, one must learn, understand, and care enough to take action. Her mission in this life is to inspire, educate, and advocate this kind of mindset for a better future.

  • Previous Clients

    Climate Foundation | Annual Reviews | Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary | NOAA | Coastal Conservation and Research | We.Create Art | Astroclimatology | Good Vibez Presents | Evolve Family Chiropractic | Arts Council for Monterey County | Youth Arts Collective | Western Flyer Foundation

  • Services

    custom outdoor & indoor murals
    nature & botanical illustrations
    marine illustrations
    live music event videography
    nature & art documentaries
    art mentoring
    licensing designs